Manchester clip-in hair extensions

Manchester Clip Hair Extension

Russian born Tatiana Karelina began her career in hair extensions in London, where she opened her first salon after completing her training with a notable and well established salon. Her London venture very quickly became one of the leading hair extension salons and as a result of her success, Tatiana opened a second clip hair extension salon in Manchester.

New Sources and Innovations

After qualifying in London, Tatiana realized that the commonly used Chinese hair was not of the quality she desired for her work. Using her local knowledge, she managed to source natural Russian hair of only the finest quality, the first time anyone had used this top quality hair in the UK. Both of her salons now use only the best natural Remy virgin, European and Russian hair, permitting colours to be matched perfectly to customers' own natural hair colour and shades. The result is soft to the touch, lustrous and natural looking hair extensions that customers can blow-dry, curl, colour, highlight and straighten to their heart's content.

No Obligation Consultations

Like the London salon, Tatiana hair Extensions in Manchester offers customers an initial consultation, during which they will be told everything there is to know about the procedure. This includes aftercare, particularly the care products recommended as well as total costs involved. Following this, customers are assisted in the selection of suitable hair grades, textures and colours. The next choice to make is that between clip-ins and micro rings. Because Tatiana is not happy with the use of heat, glue or chemicals to attach extensions, these are the only options available in her salons.

Selecting the Hair

To start with, customers will be advised on the grade of hair required to match best with their own. They are then shown a vast selection of possible hair textures and colours, from which the most suitable blend to match their natural hair colour and texture is selected. Because the final blending, hair drawing and pre-bonding are conducted in-house, it is usually possible to have hair extensions fitted the same day.

Clip-In Extensions

Thanks to diligent research and a year's worth of development, Tatiana's salon in Manchester is able to offer an exclusive line of clip extensions using the best of natural European and Russian hair in two possible weft variations, namely the 'Micro ringlet' and the 'Invisible Seamless' wefts. Micro ringlets, as the name so rightly suggests, use micro ringlets to attach the extensions, rather than using bonding tape, which gives them extra security. The 'Invisible Seamless' option does use bonding tape. This tape is, however, micro thin, allowing for natural looking extensions with the minimum risk of damage.

Tatiana Hair Extensions in Manchester offers an excellent service, ensuring the clip extensions provided to customers are always of the highest quality and perfectly matched to the wearer's natural hair to create natural and easy to care for styles that will last for months.


Micro rings are most suitable for long term extensions and can be used and attached even where other methods of attaching extensions would not look as natural. Tatiana Hair Extensions offers a wide variety of micro rings to ensure that the rings themselves will also be matched closely to the customer's natural hair colour, making them all but invisible. This is especially good to know, as many salons will use rings that are not matched perfectly and may show as the wearer moves.